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  • Earn River Cottage
  • Earn River Cottage
  • Earn River Cottage
  • Earn River Cottage
  • Earn River Cottage
  • Earn River Cottage

On the Estate

Dupplin Estate has been in the same family for over well over 100 years. It was bought by John Dewar, the 1st Baron of Forteviot, son of John Dewar the founder of Dewar’s Whisky. It is a working estate with a portfolio of long terms residential properties, in hand and let farming operations as well as forestry. There is always something happening throughout the seasons on the estate.

Red Squirrel project

We have been actively involved for a number of years in the Scottish Government’s Red Squirrel Project. The aim of the project is to block the migration of the grey squirrels up the A9 corridor to the North of Scotland. The project on Dupplin has been very successful to date and reds can frequently be seen scurrying about.


There is an abundance of wildlife on the estate

  • In the Air: Ospreys, barn owls, long tail, great and blue tits, king fishers, oyster catchers, snipe, woodcock, woodpeckers, raptors and more
  • On the Ground: Roe and red deer, red squirrels, hedgehogs, hares, rabbits, foxes and the occasional elusive badger or pinemartin
  • In the Water: Otters, swans, teal, mallard, pink foot geese, heron and other wadding birds.

Trout and Grayling Fishing is available free to guests on the Aberdalgie & Forteviot beats of the River Earn

Woodland and Fauna

In addition to conventional woodland we have a large number of broadleaves. The Estate policies host the substantial remains of the formal 18th-century landscape together with a quality 19th-century overlay with an outstanding tree collection from both periods having been categorized as a site of outstanding horticultural value.

Woodland and parkland surround the heart of the estate and there are endless options for a quiet picnic spot. In February/March the Earn River Cottage is home to a very extensive snow drop collection, with daffodils and bluebells following shortly afterwards.

The Earn Valley where the cottage is located has been classified as a site of landscape importance with some of the most magnificent views.

Forteviot Village

The Count and Countess of StrathearnFor those interested in a bit of history the estate is home to Forteviot village an A listed historic model village designed by the architect James Millar in 1923 following the flooding of the river May.

Of more significance is that it is one of the most famous early medieval sites in Scotland. It records the death of Kenneth Mac Alpin, a 9th century king of Scotland making it the earliest identified royal centre in Scotland.

In 2014 the village was host to a visit by the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, known also as the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, the valley in which Forteviot is situated

Castle Law

Walk up to the remains of Castle Law, an impressive hill fort. Identified as a contour fort of the Iron Age and an impressive Pict’ish Fort. This walk not for the faint hearted but it delivers the most specular views of Perthshire from the top.

The Dupplin Cross

The estate was the original home of the Dupplin Cross, which is now on display in St Serf’s church in Dunning. The cross was carved in about 800 and dedicated to one of the last Kings of Pictland. It was originally located in a field a few 100 meters to your left as you drive up to the estate office. It was relocated in the late 1990’s in an effort to conserve it.

Greenhill Nursery

Opened in Spring 2013 on Dupplin Estate, Natalie Kirkby has taken her passion for plants and created a haven for Scottish gardeners. Good for specimen plants

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